These are the rules that must be followed each time a contributor is on the New CLG Dream Logos wiki.

Standard Rules Edit

  • The logos must be fake or homemade. If a logo is real, is must be have alterations to make it fake (fake availability, fake music/sounds, etc.).
  • No 100% real content.
  • No messing around.
  • Do not vandalize any page.
  • If you find something that doesn't belong, remember to use the delete template. Then, inform the wiki founder or the wiki administrators.
  • Do not, in any way, try to remove any part of the content on any page.
  • Do not use inappropriate language (see below for consequences).
  • Do not use the founder's name to pose as him in comments.
  • Every page has to be responsibly edited. Any fool or Wikia contributor can get inside a page and mess it up anytime for about five minutes, so don't mess a thing!
  • Sockpuppet accounts are allowed for appropriate editing usage, but they are not allowed to be used to vandalize the wiki.
  • Do not harass users or wiki founder Appropriate Editing = Yes, Vandalizing = No.

Consequences Edit

  • Any user(s) using inappropriate language, such as swear words or racial terms, will be blocked for a month.
  • If you harass users or wiki founder Appropriate Editing = Yes, Vandalizing = No, you will be blocked for a week.
  • If you disobey many rules, you will be banned for life.
  • If you use inappropriate language too much, you're banned for life.

If there's any user causing trouble, report to wiki founder Appropriate Editing = Yes, Vandalizing = No or the wiki administrators.

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